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Today Skelton Plant Hire’s hire fleet consists of 1350 items of high quality, market-leading equipment for the agricultural, construction and domestic markets in the south east of England.  We believe in the simple ethos that top quality service together with reliable equipment are paramount to our high level of customer care and satisfaction, this is why our service and delivery vehicles are well equipped and carefully maintained, so we can offer the high standards our customers have come to expect from us.

Excavators Dumpers Telehandlers Rollers Transport Compressors Attachments Fuel Bowsers Small Tools Miscellaneous


All our excavators from a micro (0.8 tonnes) to large (up to 20 tonnes) are fitted with quick hitches for safe and accurate bucket and attachment changes. All our machines are fitted with state of the art GPS security devices.


Weight (kg): 16170
Height (m)  * No RB: 2.86
Width (m): 2.84
Dig Depth (m): 6.063
Load Over Height (m): 7.007

LARGE Kobelco SK140 SRLC-7

Weight (kg): 15600
Height (m)  * No RB: 2.87
Width (m): 2.59
Dig Depth (m): 5.97
Load Over Height (m): 7.12

LARGE Hitachi 135-7 US

Weight (kg): 14800
Height (m)  * No RB: 2.81
Width (m): 2.49
Dig Depth (m): 5.98
Load Over Height (m): 7.23

LARGE Caterpillar 320GC

Weight (kg): 21900
Height (m)  * No RB: 2.96
Width (m): 3.17
Dig Depth (m): 6.72
Load Over Height (m): 6.49

LARGE Hitachi Zaxis 210LC-6 eco

Weight (kg): 22400
Height (m)  * No RB: 3.02
Width (m): 2.99
Dig Depth (m): 6.67
Load Over Height (m): 6.83

LARGE Hitachi Zaxis 135-6 US eco

Weight (kg): 14500
Height (m)  * No RB: 2.87
Width (m): 2.49
Dig Depth (m): 5.98
Load Over Height (m): 7.22

MIDI Kobelco SK85 MSR

Weight (kg): 8930
Height (m)  * No RB: 2.57
Width (m): 2.30
Dig Depth (m): 4.44
Load Over Height (m): 5.18

MIDI Kubota KX080-4 eco

Weight (kg): 8270
Height (m)  * No RB: 2.54
Width (m): 2.20
Dig Depth (m): 4.60
Load Over Height (m): 5.25

MIDI Caterpillar 308CR NextGen

Weight (kg): 9105
Height (m)  * No RB: 2.54
Width (m): 2.3
Dig Depth (m): 4.64
Load Over Height (m): 5.07

MINI Kubota KX030-4

Weight (kg): 2865
Height (m)  * No RB: 2.42
Width (m): 1.5
Dig Depth (m): 2.87
Load Over Height (m): 3.24

MINI Kubota U27-4

Weight (kg): 2590
Height (m)  * No RB: 2.43
Width (m): 1.50
Dig Depth (m): 2.82
Load Over Height (m):

MINI Kubota KX027-4

Weight (kg): 2665
Height (m)  * No RB: 2.42
Width (m): 1.40
Dig Depth (m): 2.74
Load Over Height (m): 3.14

MINI Kubota KX018-4

Weight (kg): 1720
Height (m)  * No RB: 2.35
Width (m): 0.99
Dig Depth (m): 2.38
Load Over Height (m): 2.38

MINI Kubota U17-3a

Weight (kg): 1650
Height (m)  * No RB: 2.34
Width (m): 0.99
Dig Depth (m): 2.31
Load Over Height (m): 2.44

MICRO Kubota U10-5 Servo

Weight (kg): 1120
Height (m)  * No RB: 1.42
Width (m): 0.75
Dig Depth (m): 1.80
Load Over Height (m): 2.21

MINI Kubota U50-5 High-spec

Weight (kg): 4965
Height (m)  * No RB: 2.55
Width (m): 1.96
Dig Depth (m): 3.37
Load Over Height (m): 3.775

MICRO Takeuchi TB210r

Weight (kg): 1180
Height (m)  * No RB: 1.475
Width (m): 0.75
Dig Depth (m): 2.12
Load Over Height (m): 1.755


We offer a broad range of dumpers from the narrow 4 wheel drive Micro that is able to travel through a domestic doorway, to our largest 10 tonne model for fast and efficient transport of bulk material.

Options such as High Discharge and Swivel Skip give additional flexibility over the traditional Front Tip models. All sizes can be supplied with road legal and compliant kits (lights, registration plate, road fund tax) and green seat belt warning light if required.

Thwaites 10T (Front Tip)

Weight (kg): 4780
Height w/ Roll Bar (m): 3.415
Height w/o Roll Bar (m): 2.54
Width (m): 2.485
Max.tipping height (m): -

Thwaites 9T (Front Tip) Tier 5

Weight (kg): 4715
Height w/ Roll Bar (m): 3.335
Height w/o Roll Bar (m): 2.44
Width (m): 2.485
Max.tipping height (m): -

Thwaites 6T (Powerswivel) Tier 5

Weight (kg): 4275
Height w/ Roll Bar (m): 3.36
Height w/o Roll Bar (m): 2.19
Width (m): 2.135
Max.tipping height (m): -

Thwaites 6T (Front Tip) Tier 5

Weight (kg): 4100
Height w/ Roll Bar (m): 3.39
Height w/o Roll Bar (m): 2.23
Width (m): 2.354
Max.tipping height (m): -

Thwaites 3T Hydro (Powerswivel)

Weight (kg): 2920
Height w/ Roll Bar (m): 3.14
Height w/o Roll Bar (m): 2.12
Width (m): 1.75
Max.tipping height (m): -

Thwaites 3T (Powerswivel)

Weight (kg): 2190
Height w/ Roll Bar (m): 3.092
Height w/o Roll Bar (m): 1.965
Width (m): 1.65
Max.tipping height (m): -

Thwaites 3T (Front Tip)

Weight (kg): 2010
Height w/ Roll Bar (m): 3.092
Height w/o Roll Bar (m): 1.965
Width (m): 1.65
Max.tipping height (m): -

Thwaites 1T Hi-Tip

Weight (kg): 1295
Height w/ Roll Bar (m): 2.86
Height w/o Roll Bar (m): 1.773
Width (m): 1.15
Max.tipping height (m): -


Weight (kg): 515
Height w/ Roll Bar (m): -
Height w/o Roll Bar (m): -
Width (m): 0.69
Max.tipping height (m): 2.72


We are one of the few companies that offer telehandlers from 4m to 17m from leading brands such as JCB and Manitou with equipment and attachment options such as JCB Live-Link Telematics, air conditioning, joystick control, Tier 5 high horsepower engines, factory fitted rear pick-up hitches, hydraulic trailer breaking and light connections.

JCB 560-80 T5

Weight (kg): 10150
Height (m): 2.59
Width (m): 2.42
Length (m): 5.27
Lifting Capacity (T): 5.0

JCB 542-70 Agri

Weight (kg): 8300
Height (m): 2.51
Width (m): 2.34
Length (m): 5.07
Lifting Capacity (T): 4.2

JCB 540-170 T5

Weight (kg): 12060
Height (m): 2.69
Width (m): 2.44
Length (m): 6.36
Lifting Capacity (T): 4.0

JCB 535-140 T4i

Weight (kg): 10880
Height (m): 2.59
Width (m): 2.35
Length (m): 6.23
Lifting Capacity (T): 3.5

JCB 535-125 HV T4i

Weight (kg): 9720
Height (m): 2.59
Width (m): 2.35
Length (m): 5.80
Lifting Capacity (T): 3.5

JCB 535-95 T5

Weight (kg): 8160
Height (m): 2.49
Width (m): 2.29
Length (m): 4.99
Lifting Capacity (T): 3.5

JCB 532-70 Agri

Weight (kg): 7600
Height (m): 2.51
Width (m): 2.34
Length (m): 5.07
Lifting Capacity (T): 3.2

JCB 531-70 T4i

Weight (kg): 7060
Height (m): 2.49
Width (m): 2.23
Length (m): 4.99
Lifting Capacity (T): 3.1

Kramer KT276

Weight (kg): 5000
Height (m): 1.98
Width (m): 1.96
Length (m): 4.40
Lifting Capacity (T): 2.7

Manitou MT 420 H

Weight (kg): 4.26
Height (m): 1.9
Width (m): 1.49
Length (m): 3.63
Lifting Capacity (T): 2.0

Manitou MT 625

Weight (kg): 4710
Height (m): 1.92
Width (m): 1.82
Length (m): 3.89
Lifting Capacity (T): 2.5


Our fleet includes small pedestrian models to heavy ride-on models.Pedestrian (walk behind) rollers are available with road legal trailers and optional Hydraulic Hand Tools. Twin drum articulated models, up to 1350mm are fitted with Pressurised Water Systems for compaction of asphalt and Bomag state of the art ‘Economiser System’.

Bomag 135 AD-5 Economiser

Weight (kg): 3900
Height (m): 2.700
Width (m): 1.390
Length (m): 2.840

Bomag 120 ADH-5 Economiser

Weight (kg): 2700
Height (m): 2.568
Width (m): 1.272
Length (m): 2.529

Bomag 80 ADH-5 Economiser

Weight (kg): 1550
Height (m): 2.304
Width (m): 0.856
Length (m): 2.194

Bomag BMP 8500 Economiser

Weight (kg): 1595
Height (m): 1.275
Width (m): 0.61
Length (m): 1.897

Mecalac MBR71

Weight (kg): 513
Height (m): 1.225
Width (m): 0.772
Length (m): 2.187


The Atlas Copco XAS-67 and XAS-68 are versatile two tool compressors delivering 60 litres per second of free air. They are legally road towable by anyone holding a standard driving licence. We can also supply models that are fully bunded and spillage free of any oil, water or fuel. A range of tools, but not limited to, demo-picks, medium and heavy breaker guns and air lances compliment these compressors. Award winning Hard Hat polyethylene canopy to resist damage.

XAS 68 (road towable)

Weight (kg): 750
Height (m): 1.4
Width (m): 1.35
Length (m): 2.29

XAS 67 (road towable)

Weight (kg): 750
Height (m): 1.258
Width (m): 1.41
Length (m): 2.97

XAS 58-7 (road towable)

Weight (kg): 750
Height (m): 1.258
Width (m): 1.41
Length (m): 2.97

XAS 48 (road towable)

Weight (kg): 491
Height (m): 1.250
Width (m): 1.23
Length (m): 1.96


Tipping Skip


Personnel Cages

Crane Hook 2.5T

Crane Hook 1T

Fly Jib

Bale Spike


All our fuel bowsers are in accordance with current UN regulations and pollution prevention guidelines and are 110% bunded. Our fuel bowsers are fitted with either a high-flow hand pump or a 12v electric pump. Tough construction and anti-vandal lockable cabinets ensure the contents are kept safe and secure.

2500 Litre Fuel Bowser

Weight Full (kg): 3225
Weight Empty (kg): 1000
Height (m): 1.489
Width (m): 1.693
Length (m): 2.600

2000 Litre Fuel Bowser

Weight Full (kg): 2620
Weight Empty (kg): 820
Height (m): 1.489
Width (m): 1.693
Length (m): 2.078

1500 Litre Fuel Bowser

Weight Full (kg): 2085
Weight Empty (kg): 699
Height (m): 1.309
Width (m): 1.509
Length (m): 2.078

1000 Litre (road towable)

Weight Full (kg): 1710
Weight Empty (kg): 840
Height (m): 1.73
Width (m): 1.61
Length (m): 3.214

1000 Litre Fuel Bowser

Weight Full (kg): 1465
Weight Empty (kg): 595
Height (m): 1.309
Width (m): 1.509
Length (m): 1.588

500 Litre Fuel Cube

Weight Full (kg): 645
Weight Empty (kg): 232
Height (m): 0.971
Width (m): 1.3
Length (m): 0.721

460 Litre Fuel Cube

Weight Full (kg): 645
Weight Empty (kg): 232
Height (m): 0.90
Width (m): 1.01
Length (m): 0.90

Vacuum Tankers

Major 2600 Vacuum Tanker

Capacity (gallons): 2600
Overall Height (m) 3.4
Overall Width (m) 2.6
Overall Length (m): 7
Weight Empty (kg): 4350
Weight Full (kg): 16,169

Major 1700 Vacuum Tanker

Capacity (gallons): 1700
Overall Height (m) 2.9
Overall Width (m) 2.6
Overall Length (m): 6.4
Weight Empty (kg): 2,550
Weight Full (kg): 10,210

Water Bowsers

Marston 6855L Water Bowser

Capacity (L): 6855


Wacker Neuson Plate WP1030

Stihl Saw TS 410

Pneumatic Kerb Lifter

Mechanical Kerb Lifter

Clipper Floor Saw CS451

Bomag Rammer BT 60/4

Bomag Vibratory Plate BP10/35

Belle Minimix 150 Mixer

Atlas Copco Breaker Pack and Gun

Ammann ATR 30 Rammer


Boss 9 Man Eco Plus Cabin

Length (m) : 4.205
Height (m) : 2.398
Width (m) : 2.30
Towing Length (m) : 5.317

Boss 7 Man Eco Plus Cabin

Length (m) : 3.65
Height (m) : 2.398
Width (m) : 2.30
Towing Length (m) : 4.775

Ifor Williams Trailer GH94BT

Gross Weight (Kg) : 2700
Unladen Weight (Kg) : 530
Internal Width (m) : 1.31
Internal Length (m) : 2.79

Ifor Williams Trailer LM146G

Gross Weight (Kg) : 3500
Unladen Weight (Kg) : 735
Internal Width (m) : 1.98
Internal Length (m) : 4.23

Bailey Trailer Flat 10

Weight w/o fuel (Kg) : 2850
Loading Height (m) : 1.22
Body Width (m) : 2.44
Body Length (m) : 7.62
Pay Load (T) : 10

Bailey Lay Flat 8/16 Low Loader

Body Length (m) : 4.87
Width (m) : 2.50
Pay Load (T) : 8
Unladen Weight (Kg) : 2000

NC 316 16T Dump Trailer

Height (m) : 2.22
Width (m) : 2.52
Length (m) : 5.54
Carrying Capacity (T) : 16

NC 16T Tandem Axle Trailer

Loading Height (m) : 0.89
Body Width (m) : 2.54
Body Length (m) : 7.61
Pay Load (T) : 16

Pronar PUV3000 Snow Plough

Working Width (mm) : 2660
Weight (Kg) : 755
Working Positions : 4

JCB Lighting Tower LT9

Weight w/o fuel (kg) : : 911
Height in use (m) : 9
Lamp Power (Lumens) : 360,000
Fuel consumption to operate lights (l/h) : 1.9
: -
: -


We have various modes of transport for conveying our plant, equipment and personnel here at Skelton Plant Hire. Within the fleet are LEZ compliant vehicles for inner London destinations. SPH hold a National Operators Licence with three operating centres throughout Kent, together with relevant insurance to transport equipment belonging to third parties.

The prime movers in our fleet are our 32 tonne GVW trucks. These are ridged trucks with custom built lightweight low profile Andover plant bodies and rear steer axels, a combination which enables our drivers to access roads and sites that would otherwise prove difficult for the traditional low loader; they make for extremely versatile and manoeuvrable vehicles. They are also equipped with 10 tonne winches and on-board refuelling for plant and fast operating ramps, ensuring we provide a slick delivery and collection service. These vehicles are capable of transporting a 15 tonne excavator complete with buckets, attachments and a fuel bowser, or indeed a mixture of smaller machinery for multi-drops to customer sites. This truck and body combination provides the flexibility of carrying heavy loads or multiple lighter machines to keep transport costs to a minimum.

The trucks also feature rear air suspension, meaning that the body can be lowered to aid ease of loading and unloading plant and machinery and a hydraulic winch can also be attached for added safety. A separate fuel tank for refuelling plant is fitted to enable on site fuelling and facilitate site to site movements without having to return to the depot. Our new Euro 6 Emission Trucks are fitted with double sleeper cabs to further aid efficiency and lower our ’empty’ miles by staying out overnight from the depot; not only does this give the driver a more comfortable space for their personal welfare, but it is also far kinder on the environment by eliminating unnecessary driven miles. Did you know that in built up inner cities, where pollution is high, our lorries have the ability to actually exhaust cleaner air than what they inhale to run?!

Lighter loads are transported on a 26 tonne GVW truck with similar specifications to its’ larger brothers. Smaller plant and short notice deliveries are accommodated with a 4x4 truck or van and trailer combination. Remote locations or narrow roads are well suited to this method.

All of our drivers are suitably qualified and all hold the relevant CPC accreditations. The company service engineers and plant operators are equipped with an appropriate vehicle to facilitate a reliable, punctual support service. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable and consistent product and service, ‘delivered right first time, on time’.


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